Box steel, FRAME 14

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Inspired by the Bauhaus!


Directly inspired by the Bauhaus and Le Corbusier's work on the Golden Ratio, Frame 14 is a flexible storage solution consisting of square boxes in a cubic steel structure. By an ingenious invisible push-button system, they stack on top of each other to form one.

Perfect for storing all kinds of accessories: office, sewing, makeup and other trinkets. The individual combinations are infinite. Made in Denmark and created with particular attention to detail, Frame 14 brings together functionality, quality and aesthetics.

  • Designer:  Mogens Lassen 1943 / by Lassen 2013 NEW Edition
  • Origin: Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Manufacturer: By Lassen - Made in EUROPE


  • Material: veneer, MDF, lacquered steel
  • Dimensions: 7x14x14cm
  • Color: pale green
  • Poids: 800gr (hors emballage)