Mickaël Koska, France

Mickaël Koska, designer Marseille, France-PARIDEO-design d'intérieur durable

Mickaël Koska is what we can commonly call a "self-made"!
Of Italian and Croatian origin, this self-taught discovers and develops his passion for design since 2010.
The basis of his work begins with the recovery, recycling and assembly of various original pieces. Each creation is unique, because of its experience and its new reinterpretation.

Very quickly, he refined his know-how by integrating a training in traditional and contemporary cabinetmaking at the Boulle school in Paris, an experience that allowed him to develop his skills and to assert himself as a craftsman and designer.

Under the sun of Marseille, Koska his nickname, inspired by the daily, architecture, film, the street of the collective unconscious...
It feeds on what surrounds it and reinterprets it to give birth to furniture, lighting and other unique pieces. Without code or convention.
His works are aesthetic, contemporary and offer the opportunity to customize and energize any type of space.
Using countless craftsmen from local businesses: bronzers, enamellers, glassblowers, the search for new shapes and materials are the motives of this designer lover of noble materials such as marble, glass, wood, brass.

Avant-garde, he combines the nobility of wood with the dynamism of modern materials in order to create contemporary pieces with timeless and original lines.

Mickael Koska design-en vente sur PARIDEO-design d'intérieur durable

"For the Love of Beauty", Oscar Wilde