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Heerenhuis was born in Antwerp in 1978 as an antique company. In 1998, 20 years later, she decided to combine experiences and contemporary design by creating their own furniture line.

From this long and rewarding experience, Heerenhuis acquired a mastery of aged and imperfect materials. Like vegetable tanned leather, uncoated steel and noble wood blocks. Each piece is finished by hand with oil, wax or varnish, giving it a rich texture.
Their basic collection is a simple collection of standard sized furniture, but any piece can be completely custom made. Then comes Limited Editions, made from exotic materials such as Italian walnut, redwood and even poplar marshes.
For Heerenhuis, it is a matter of using simple materials, imperfect and of excellent quality.

Led by Geert Legein and Louis van Haesebrouck, the company wants to keep low profile. No interviews, little information and no projector!
A simple motto: "We make tables. That's what we do."
To simply focus on the essentials with the manufacture of contemporary furniture that celebrates imperfection and keep focus on the details.

Rubber & Cargo are perfect examples. We love't!