Maxime Castric & Angelo Poignant, FRANCE


Graduates in Design and Interior Architecture of Nantes's Pivaut School, Maxime Castric and Angelo Poignant, launch by creating Elomax Agency.

Refusing to make simple purely aesthetic objects, they strive to provide their creations a real place in everyday life. In search for meaning, they incorporate in their approach a reflection on materials, manufacturing, instead of the user and how to manipulate the object.

For Elagone and Blocks, our two designers work with Drugeot Labo and Pierre Rochepeau their editor.

After various experiences across borders in trade, the call of the roots is much stronger. At 30, Pierre cabinet initiates studies to take over the family business, established in '68, with one of his brothers. For 8 years, they develop the Company recognized today by professionals for the quality of its occasional furniture cherrywood and solid oak.

Wood from local forests, suppliers are located 90% in the Loire region. (Jura) Workshops are heated with wood scraps and chips remains.

In 2011,The Ateliers duDrugeot are labeled Ateliers d'Art de France guaranteeing respect artisanal manufacturing techniques and manufacturing 100% French touch. The brand's strong points lie in originality, the quality of the material, certified PEFC solid oak and the French manufacture.