Wine cooler VINKYLARE


Frozen or fresh, chambered or warm, the wine must be served according to a subtle art that requires a great deal of attention and skill.


With the soapstone cooler from Täljsten, combine elegance and efficiency and keep a bottle at a low temperature for longer.
It replaces the ice bucket and any other cooling technique for your bottles of prestige wines, crémants and champagnes.
In addition, its usefulness will prevent the overuse of ice cubes and water dripping on your table.

With 6 hours in the freezer, the cooler will keep your bottle at 8°C for 1 hour
Then place it permanently in the freezer. So you can use it at any time.
A little advice: Vinkylare will be used more to maintain a bottle at the same temperature longer, than to reduce a temperature at the base that is too high.


Extracted in Handöl, in Jämtland (Sweden), soapstone is a soft stone, composed of talc. Soft to the touch and easy to work with.
For thousands of years, it has been used by humans for the manufacture of all kinds of utensils.
It was only in the '90s that we discovered its exceptional ability to store hot and cold and to release them very slowly.
At that time, “ice cubes that never melt” were born for the first time, with whiskey stones.


  • Designer: Marianne Berggrund
  • Origin: Handöl, Jämtland (Sweden)
  • Manufacturer: Täljsten - Made in EUROPE


  • Material: soapstone
  • Dimensions: Lxlxh: 12x12x19 cm
  • Color: natural
  • Weight: 3,8kg (w/o packaging)
  • Specifications: for bottle Ø 8/9cm, stone is dishwasher safe

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