Private Showroom

130m² Showroom Privé 1200 Brussels-Parideo design durable

Looking for a particular decor or design object, inspiration or simply a desire to discoveries?
Take away immediately or have it delivered elsewhere. To please you or as a gift to the family, friends

Parideo just set up a private area of 130m² dedicated to design.

You will find objects and furniture that we already offer on our webshop, and also our novelties in Avant-Première!

This space is neither a shop nor a traditional showroom. We visit it starting from the hall, continuing in the dining-room, the living room, the kitchen, the rooms. Even the toilet has its touch!

Welcome 3 days/week "by APPOINTMENT".

 selected by Brussels Design September

!!! RE-OPENING MONDAY 22 JUNE 2020 !!!

Monday  >  from 11h to 18h
Tuesday  >  closed
Wednesday  >  from 11h to 18h
Thursday  >  closed
Friday  >  from 11h to 18h
    +32 494 90 19 66
    avenue du Prince Héritier 118 - 1200 Brussels

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