COVID-19 : Your questions - Our answers !

>>> Update on October 29, 2020

Can I still order on ?
Yes. You can order on our E-shop and receive your package at home.

Why is Point-Relais delivery not currently available ?
Following the measures relating to Covid-19, all carriers no longer offer this service at present, for obvious reasons of potentially closed convenience stores. It is also impossible to pick up your package in our showroom. This is obviously temporary and we are following this news closely.

Does still deliver anywhere in Europe ?
With the news today, this is a difficult question to answer. Everything is changing so quickly and in all directions! Only delivery to Spain is a problem at the moment. We are monitoring the situation with our carriers every day!

Could the delivery time be longer ?
Normally no. But with all that is happening, this is a question that we cannot answer. Our deliverers and designers do their best.

I have a reduction code for delivery to Point Relais. What to do ?
Unfortunately these are not valid at the moment. But to continue to satisfy you and allow us to survive too, we lower our margins on our sales to offer you  -15% on Home deliveries with "Bpack-Safe@home" selection. And this reduction remains valid for as long as it takes.

Is your Showroom still accessible ?
. On October 28, the latter is closed again! But Matthieu can be reached on his mobile to answer all your questions and other requests. A conference call is also possible. (whatsapp, messenger..)

With the Covid-19, do you take precautions to package each product ?
Yes. We use latex surgical gloves for the handling of each product/invoice/label. If necessary, we use a clinically recognized virucide which eliminates all bacteria by 99% (Umonium38®).

What to do when the delivery man is outside my door ?
The carriers have received strict instructions: safety distance of min. 2m, no more signature upon delivery. No second delivery if the customer is absent !!!
To avoid contact with the carrier - HOUSE: ask to drop the parcel in front of the door - APARTMENT: open the door with the intercom so that the latter deposits the parcel in the hall.

How do I open my package ?
As usual. As a precaution, we invite you to wash your hands right after and throw the box in the trash cans.

What can we wish you ?
Let the customers come back and let the carriers continue their work, otherwise Parideo will find itself unemployed.

What does Parideo wish for its customers ?
Take care of yourself and keep hope. Continue to laugh, sing, discover, love above all!


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