Sustainable Birdhouses...

One log for 8 small residential houses ;-)Nichoir-Oiseau-Hiver-Log-Quartered-Birdhouses-1-as-seen-on-PARIDEO
Log Quartered Birdhouses are simply made of wood and metal. Each timber wedge is sustainably sourced and crafted by Brandywine Woodworks.Nichoir-Oiseau-Hiver-Log-Quartered-Birdhouses-2-as-seen-on-PARIDEOThe roof is then fabricated from a single sheet of metal by John Madarasz. Bent to hold snow, the roof keeps the birdhouse dry while winterizing the practical, naturalist design.Nichoir-Oiseau-Hiver-Log-Quartered-Birdhouses-3-as-seen-on-PARIDEONichoir-Oiseau-Hiver-Log-Quartered-Birdhouses-4-as-seen-on-PARIDEONichoir-Oiseau-Hiver-Log-Quartered-Birdhouses-details-as-seen-on-PARIDEONichoir-Oiseau-Hiver-Log-Quartered-Birdhouses-5-as-seen-on-PARIDEO

Designed by Moger & Mehrhof Architects
Photos credits by Barney Leonard

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