Case Inlet Retreat, Washington DC

With Case Inlet, this "weekend" retreat sits at the intersection of a meadow and the forest edge, with an expansive view of Washington’s Puget Sound, northwest. Case Inlet Retreat,Washington - as seen on PARIDEOThe architecture capitalizes on its precise boundary position in the landscape to reveal the interrelationships as one moves through the home.
The arrival is informal, and it establishes the sense of discovery that’s present throughout the project. Case Inlet Retreat,Washington - entrance - as seen on PARIDEOThe variety of experiences to be had in small spaces is really exciting, said Jeremy Bitterman, the architect. The more compressed and darker entry area reminds the forest's beauty.Case Inlet Retreat,Washington - living room - as seen on PARIDEOCase Inlet Retreat,Washington - living room details - as seen on PARIDEO
By playing with the amount of solid walls and glazed walls, the architect has developed a tenuous sense of a shelter. One feels protected even if exposed in these spaces.Case Inlet Retreat,Washington - bedroom - as seen on PARIDEOCase Inlet Retreat,Washington - bathroom - as seen on PARIDEOConception: Jeremy Bitterman
Photo credits & copyrights: MW|Works Architecture+Design

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