+ by Bertrand Jayr

Design group, Lyon Beton embodies a traditional European aesthetic married with modern sensibilities. PLUS is a clear and concise concrete collection that allows for optimal adaptability. Conceived by Bertrand Jayr, Plus 1, 2, and 4 promise to “Fit in your ideas”. Each modular unit plays infinite roles — from shelf, bookcase, room divider to coffee table, nightstand or corner cabinet.
The rugged, brutalist shapes are undeniably reminiscent of the all-too-familiar cinderblock, which communicates both their utility and maintains a subtle sculptural theme as the material’s rough surface meets the geometry of right angles and beveled edges with a certain refined opposition.
Humble and candid construction elevates the centuries-old craft of concrete and its indispensable role in architecture and daily life, while rectilinear contours help to revive the material for modern day.
Each versatile piece can complement any space and solve practically any spatial deficiency; between its perfectly minimal aesthetic to endless functionality, the brilliantly simple units combine structure and style.
The cubes themselves can be stacked and rearranged to create a sturdy framework. Lovely isn't ???
#design #concrete #modular

Photo credits & copyrights: Bertrand Jayr
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